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Nob is originally from Fukuoka, Japan. He started his music career in New York in 2008, but found it was not easy. He struggled mentally, financially, and physically for 5 years and thought about giving up many times. But God did not give up on him.

Nob was a finalist at McDonald’s Gospel Fest 3 times, and was introduced on Good Day New York on FOX 5 as a Japanese Gospel singer. He also placed third at  Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater on April 10th, 2013.

Nob was invited by Emmy Award producer Curtis Farrow  to Whitney Houston's Church,  The New Hope   Baptist Church as a guest performer for their annual Christmas Concert. And, he was recently honored by an invitation to perform at the closing ceremony of the Youth Assembly at the United Nation, a performance that was streamed  all over the world by UN TV.

Nob's debut song "Find My Way" was written by Gospel music song writer Danny Eason based on Nob's real story and produced by Kyoko Uchiki. He has dedicated this song to all of you who do not want to give up your dreams.


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"Neo Japanesque" 's debut single will be released on December 24th, 2016!

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